What’s Up with Team FIVE

Well currently, they are the ones that are up. Literally. The four men from Talmidim Studies are currently flying from Tel Aviv and we hope to see them safely home by noon on September third!

They had a busy but wonderful week. They spent a day farther south also visiting several towns on the shephelah. On Wednesday they headed up North stopping in at Ceasarea on the coast and then on up to Mount Carmel and in through the Jezreel Valley making a stop at Nazareth now dubbed “Jumping Mountain.”

The sunset over Galilee. I heard from a very reliable source that they even found a chance to enjoy the warm waters of the sea before bedtime one evening. 🙂

The rest of the day and Thursday were spend in the Galilee area. Kursi on the coast near the area where Jesus drove the demons out of the man and into the pigs. They worked their way farther North to Caesarea Phillippi and ended the day on Bental Mountain looking into Syria.

Looking into Syria from Bental Mountain

And now as they return home, please continue to pray for their safety and the continued furtherance of the Word. All of us at Talmidim Studies are very excited about what God is doing. There is a group study trip to Israel planned for Spring 2013. If you know of anyone that is interested in joining please feel free to contact us for more info.

Blessings & Shalom

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