The Hikes and Happenings of Team FIVE

I guess we’ll dub them Team FIVE. It seems to fit their nature and the general goings on of the group.

Four men from the Talmidim Studies committee along with a fellow comrade are currently walking the land, Eretz Yisrael as some might say. If you’re interested, here are a few of the places their trek has taken them to this week.


They explored an old tomb across the Hinnom Valley from the Old City of Jerusalem


A few of them discovered the delights of a fresh Mint Lemonade


They walked the Southern Stairs of the Temple where Peter delivered his stirring speech.


Climbed Herod’s desert palace, The Herodian, and marveled once again at the grandeur that this king built.


And today they headed into the Rift Valley. They visited Masada, another of Herod’s fortresses deep in the desert. Hiked into Engedi on the shore of the Dead Sea. This beautiful oasis in the barrenness around it and also stopped at Qumran, home of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Their days are quite busy but good. Pray for continued protection and blessing of God’s Spirit in their studies.

Shalom from Talmidim Studies!

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