The Forth Candle is Lit

Its Hanukkah in Jerusalem. There are candles burning in the windows and outside apartments. Sweet Sufganiyot are sold in every food store in town. I’m loving having the opportunity to be here and experience this time of year, the celebration of deliverance and the miracle of light, with the people directly connected to the origin of it.

A Rabbi lighting a hanukkiah in the mall on the third night of Hanukkah. There was a small boys choir singing and crowds of people. Such a festive spirit!
The best sufganiyot we found are up at the suk. They're shaping the balls and frying them as you watch. Then they add a bit of filling and a generous sprinkling of powdered sugar and they're ready to sink your teeth into. Such greasy, sweet goodness! We got fresh ones up here one day that were still warm when we ate them.
Sufganiyot everywhere. I've seen berry, halva, caramel and chocolate fillings and I'm sure there are many more!

But there is so much more involved in this holiday. Here’s a brief summing up of the story from

And they have some great articles with more details if you're interested:

Meanwhile, here’s some of what has been happening in our lives over the last month…

Melissa and I stayed with the boys while Vernon and Verna were in Egypt. They were gone for eight days and here is some of what happened while they were away…

After emptying the cupboards for moving, we hid in them.
And we played Life…
…some were poor and some far too rich.
We hung out in the Old City with these awesome people and the boys got their first shawarma pitas!
On the roof of the Armenian Hospice. Great view of the city from the northwest.
We moved into another apartment and Ravi made himself right at home.
One day we just played Monopoly all day. (Note Missy's pile of 500's plus the list of the rest that she didn't have physical evidence of!)
We took a little break for breakfast/lunch. Kenny made some delicious pancakes for us!
And then we played some more Monopoly.
And Melissa sacked on the motels and downed us all.
And the next day we made middle-eastern style gingerbread houses! Melissa and Wendall's won the prize for most sturdy. (Note the countdown calendar in the background. Only one day until mom and dad get home!)
Waiting on them to dry so we can decorate. So much sugar!
In the process.
Even Ravi had a 'house.' He was having the time of his life!
It sure snowed a lot that day. Look out campers!
Ta-Da! The proud builders with their finished masterpieces.
And now ulpan with the Alexanders has begun. There are frightening figures at times as well as sacrifices, strange motions and eerie sound effects.
And just a heads up for Melissa's family, I believe she may not be coming home in January after all, she's found an important distraction.

Thank you dear folks for your continued prayers and support. Our plans are to fly home on January 15 now after finishing the Hebrew ulpan on the 13th. I’ll try to keep you posted on what’s happening. Hopefully I can share some of Vernon & Verna’s photos and perspectives on Egypt next.

Chanukah sameach! (Happy Hanukkah!)

4 thoughts on “The Forth Candle is Lit

  1. Hey rosy,it’s me Shelly, finally I can chat with you,had a email address already a long time ago, the day me and bek skyped you, but I never got to email you,just to busy I guess!!!! No excuse though:) I enjoyed your gingerbread houses, and it sure looks like you like playing monopoly:) Friday nite is our christmas supper at Owens( to fill you in on the youth) then we get our calendars that bek designed can’t wait!!! well anyway,can’t wait to see you LW in January!!!! Love ya lotz, Shelly


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