{My Second Home}

It’s amazing how much this city feels like home. How after a month I don’t mind walking home alone after dark or taking the bus somewhere. How I love running in the fresh fall air and seeing if I can get lost but I always end up at a familiar street again. The skies in Jerusalem are so blue and beautiful right now. I felt a poignant sense of sadness this afternoon when I looked at the city walls against that magnificent expanse and thought of having to leave it in a month or so.

Here’s a few of my favorite shots from the last two months…

The strange things you find beside the road in Israel…
Its a new toy box!
I love his his capers and silly faces
Mmmm! A clay cheeseburger.
Oh, lala. An israeli sized dessert.
Verna makes amazing popcorn!
The favorite bedtime snack, seasoned with a taste of Holmes County
Yay! A treasure box from home!
Blessed necessities. Thank you Beachy Family!
A note from my cousin!
Ravi was so intrigued by the pictures of cousins from home
One of the many intense Dutch Blitz games

On Monday afternoon Melissa and I visited the Holocaust museum with a few friends. It was a sobering reminder again to the horrific years of hell for the Jewish people and any sympathizers. We watched The Hiding Place earlier this week too. All this has brought me to a deeper appreciation for these Eastern people. They may seem so rude and crusty outside but are they only protecting themselves from being hurt again? Because when you enter their midst and they open their hearts to you, their hospitality goes above and beyond what we ever think to give.

And now in the morning we leave for our four day field study in Jordan. From the prepping we’ve been getting it sounds like it will be pretty interesting if not adventurous at times. Looking forward to lots of places but Petra seems to be getting the most attention so far. I can’t wait to share what we learn and I can’t believe that its our last trip before we leave. Its incredible how fast 77 days can pass.

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