The Dwelling at 12 Ein Gedi Street

In case you’d like to see where we reside these days, here’s a few shots to help you visualize.

Here’s where it happens
Which is ours? Second floor on the left. Yup, lots of cement.
Such loveliness outside our apartment. Reminds me of dear grandma's beautiful rose garden.
Heading up to our apartment. Random parking spot for your grocery cart. No problem.

We’ve had a lovely restful two days. Friday is usually a calm day. No classes for Missy & Vern so we set up school at home so that the boys have the day off as well and that, of course includes their teacher too. Sleeping in… ahh, bliss! At least until 8:00 and then I couldn’t sleep anymore. Boo! There was a yummy breakfast of eggs and pancakes and the usual, can’t live without, cup of delicious black liquid. Comfort food. πŸ™‚

Missy and I walked up to school in the afternoon and she worked on her paper and I worked on some background stuff for Sunday’s field study. Actually, we went to the Old City first to buy a bit of chocolate for a birthday gift and then the shop was closed. Very sad, because I think I could have added a bit of something to my comfort food stash. Had a yummy {almost American} supper. Swarma sandwiches with lots of toppings. Yay! And then I spent the rest of the evening grading school books and didn’t get to bed until 11:00 AGAIN. Ugh. I wanted to be very rested for tomorrow and now I’m still up tonight too. Ah, me.

Our four walls of refuge πŸ™‚
Four hungry boys all in a row πŸ™‚

Shabbat was lovely today. We had some rain last night and then today again! Was so refreshing even though I love the heat. The air feels much lighter and it was actually quite chilly this evening. The rest of the day was filled with rest and relaxation. Late breakfast. Sharing and singing. RVL faith lesson. Reading. More map study. And this evening there was a barbecue at school in honor of Aubrey’s birthday (our delightful physical settings prof). So much fun and such good food, but the fellowship afterward was the best.

Yup, this is our president. We love you Dr. Wright!
What a delightful feast. And then there was grilled schwarma patties, chicken breast and hamburgers too!
The cake Magnificent. Would you like a piece of Trans-Jordan or do you prefer Shephelah? There were even wadis and limestone layers. My favorite was the Great Rift Valley:)
The birthday lady!

Tomorrow we get to hike a bit of Wadi Kelt down to Jericho. We’re hitting Gezer and some other land of Benjamin highlights. You know, the normal. πŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “The Dwelling at 12 Ein Gedi Street

  1. hey!! I miss you! Work is going okay I guess. It seems like such a long time since i’ve seen you:( I hope you’re enjoying your time. Love you -abbs


  2. Abby dear, I almost can’t believe that its a whole month and two days since I left! The days fly by so fast. Sounds like work has been pretty crazy; hope it slows down a bit for you guys… miss you girls a bunch!


  3. hey girl i really miss ya! your days sound like there filled with lots of fun! i enjoy readin your posts!
    Rejoice in the Lord! i love you*beka


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