And then there was another week…

…and other blessed Shabbat rest today. This week is going to be packed with studies again, starting with a 7:00-6:00 field study to Samaria tomorrow. (We’re pretty pumped for that though!) We’re excited to see what God brings our way and will keep you posted.

These have tramped many a mile already.
My wonderful roommate & 'sister!' Working on the organization
Beautiful view of the city from the Mount of Olives
The Herodian. One of Herod the Great's many palaces. Only a few miles out of Jerusalem on the edge of the desert
Looking down at Herod's magnificent swimming pool and colonnade at the foot of the Herodian
Gotta love this! In the heart of Bethlehem
The Jordan Valley from the Belvoir Crusader Fort. The Sea of Galilee is just a bit farther left.
Yay, bagel time with the whole family! These things are best dipped in humus and eaten with a couple friends.
Ravi devouring his portion. He and his trusty little backpack carrier go bouncing all around with us.
Shabbat supper at the Promenade. And no, we don't just eat all the time either!
What a peaceful way to end Shabbat, looking over the city and watching the lights come on. Such an euphoric sense of joy.

Shabbat Shalom!

4 thoughts on “And then there was another week…

  1. It warms my heart and goes into my soul to see you all but esp. to see the land of the Book, the Land of our L-rd! Oh, blessed be He! Thanks Rosetta for blessing us “at home” in this way.


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